Nichola Vague @ Landscape Architect

Nichola Vague @ Landscape Architect

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Rain Gardens
Rain gardens offer an alternative to traditional engineered solutions, not only do they help to remove pollutants and slow water flow they are also an attractive addition to your garden. Learn how you can incorporate a rain garden in your backyard.
Friday 16 Nov: 6pm - 6:30pm

Art in the Garden
Incorporating artistic flair in your garden can be as easy as making the most of a well-positioned pot or commissioning a personalised sculpture. Come and learn how to inject personality into your garden through art.
Saturday 17 Nov:  3:30pm – 4pm

Solutions for Small Gardens
As property sizes reduce, come and learn some tips and tricks for making the most of your little slice of paradise from vertical gardening to outdoor living.
Sunday 18 Nov:  1:30pm – 2pm




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